The National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) offers extensive member benefits, and is offering a special promotion to WHSFA schools.

The NSDA honor society is compatible with WHSFA participation. Each time students participate in a round of speech or debate; or performs in a play, they earn merit points, which document and commemorate their participation and achievement. Earning individual student honor society membership provides students a certificate, and it allows them to purchase and wear insignia keys, graduation cords, and/or chenille letter jacket patches. In short, the honor society brings national prestige to what speech and debate programs are already doing locally. 

NSDA membership provides a rich array of resources, such as online videos and instructional guides, as well as coach professional development (including an online professional learning community). These can assist both new and experienced coaches alike, energizing their efforts with materials they might not other wise have access to.

For the 2019-20 school year, NSDA continues to partner with WHSFA to offer an annual membership school dues bundle. Normally, NSDA annual school dues are $149. When a school joins both organizations, it will enjoy a $25 discount with each organization, for a total savings of $50. This is a great way to explore the benefits of membership in either organization.  If you already signed up for membership with WHSFA, and decide to try the bundle afterwards, please contact us for details on how to apply a $25 credit toward State-level contest fees.